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2 Iconic seabirds + 2 Islands = 1 photobookA self-published photobook starring the Puffin and the Northern Gannet and the islands they live on; Skokholm Island (Wales) and Helgoland (Germany)


Both the Northern Gannet and the Puffin live their lives at sea and only come on land to bread. Driven by my fascination for them, I decided to undertake several photo trips (to Helgoland and Skokholm Island) in order to observe these iconic seabirds in their natural habitat. The results of these photo trips are displayed in this photobook. It’s a collection of portraits of these magnificent and impressive seabirds showing their character, elegance and their beauty. Together with extensive background information (in English and Dutch) it has become a coffee table book for you to enjoy

The book also includes plenty of photo tips for anyone wishing to go on a photography trip to these islands themselves. No boring technical history, but practical photography and travel tips, which will turn your photography trip into a true success story. These tips will also paint a very clear image of life behind the camera and the photographs for the non-photographers amongst the readers.


Book Specifications
  • Hardcover table book
  • 152 pages
  • 98 full page (full color) pictures. Starring the Puffin and Northern Gannet
  • Book dimensions: height: 255 mm, width: 305 mm (10×12 inch)
  • Background information in Dutch and English (separate sections)
  • Offset printing


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